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is precious and impossible to put a price on

I understand the financial strain a personal training might put on your budget. I appreciate your time and money. I will find a solution which works best for you and delivers the most. I will make every session count. That is why I offer not only a free introductory session, but also a special low cost welcome package. This way you can experience more of my training at a minimum cost and have a fuller picture of my gymnastics based training method.

There are five options 


An introductory sixty minute session in-person or online. During this session I will learn about your goals, health, and preferences, see how you move your body while performing simple exercises, and suggest an action plan to improve your body mechanics to achieve your fitness goals. 

Welcome Package
3 full sessions for $100

For those who are new to my training and already tried my free session, but still would like to have a couple of more before making a decision.

$450 or $800

You can alway choose a package of 5 or 10 sessions which will make your personal training budget friendly. The packages have no expiration dates and can be used at your own pace. You can also share your sessions  with your frends or family. At any time the unused portion of the package can be refunded in full shall you need it for whatever reason.


Once you have made your mind to stick with me, you can pay for each in-person or online sixty minute session individually as we train. Typically, I recommend that we start with one session a week. After each training session I will be giving you a small homework of two-four simple exercises to improve body awareness and build better movement habits.  

Extras included

I always try to deliver as much value of training with me as I possibly can. 

I encourage you to reach out to me between the sessions if you are not sure about the exercises you do on your own. It can be a text or a short video. I am always happy to provide feedback on the form and guidance. 

Off-sessions support

I understand that you have a lot of things in your life to take care of. I appreciate your efforts you put into training. That is why I am easy about rescheduling at a last minute. I won't charge for that unless ... I'll tell you about it in person.

Easy rescheduling

If you have your own space  to train I will be happy to come to you, or you are welcome to come to my private studio where we have all the equipment and complete privacy. You won't have to share it with anybody else. 

No gym fee

I will give you a dietary suggestion based on your current fitness goals and health conditions. As the progress goes we will revise and adjust the plan accordingly. 

Dietary advice

Some insurance polices do cover the personal training provided by certified fitness professionals. I will make sure that you have all the invoices or any other paperwork you might need. 


Switch between in-person and online training. It is convenient when you  are traveling for work or on vacation. More than half of my clients choose online training.

Online training

Are you ready? Let's do it!

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