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From USSR to Canada

I  was born to a typical soviet family. My mother worked at a secret factory producing electronic military equipment, and my father was an undercover KGB operative. Just kidding, my father is a carpenter.

Early days 

I started Gymnastics as a kid, but switched to competitive powerlifting at the age of 17 and moved to bodybuilding five years later. By 25 I found myself utterly frustrated with my physique.

Young trainer Maxim posing for a bodybuilding  picture.

I developed sever lower back pain after years of heavy lifting and completions. My gymnastics skills, strength, and flexibility were all gone.

Photo collage with young trainer Maxim in one of the photo taken in an old gym.

I was like an old tree, tight and immobile, though, massive and strong. Then I realized that I would rather be smaller, but able to move and bend freely, like a young tree.

Young sing Trainer Maxim posing for a bodybuilding photo.

Back to my roots

 I turned back to Gymnastics. It was one of the best decisions in my life. I am now 42 years old and my gymnastics skills, strength, stamina, flexibility, mobility, coordination, and balance are back.  I can do interesting - one might say impressive - things with my body, and my lower back problems are gone. I feel confident, strong, agile, and look forward to every training session, because Gymnastics is fun.  I also developed a gymnastics based training approach to help you achieve the same, because if I could do this, so can you!

Interesting numbers

20 160

Hours spent in gyms for my own training


Years in Sports


Clients were helped  over the last 10 years


Five star Google reviews 


Years of Personal Training Experience

My core values 




What do you have to lose? Just try it!

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