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Trainer Maxim

Personal Fitness Trainer 

Welcome, friend!

My name is Maxim. I am a former gymnast and a personal trainer living in Dartmouth, NovaScotia. I provide affordable personal training services in Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, and Halifax. I also do online personal training to share my knowledge and expertise  with  you regardless of where you are on earth. 

I have designed a unique Gymnastics-based training to help you get stronger, increase flexibility, and improve mobility. My training will also help you improve health of the hips, lower back, shoulders, or any other  body part which might give you grief.


Trainer Maxim performing a V-sit hold.

I have been training people around the world for more than 18 years and have more than 35 years of experience in various sports myself. I also have a sport science degree and am certified by Canadian Fitness Professionals. Needless to say I am fully insured and provide all the paperwork you might need for your health insurance company to cover the cost of your personal training.  

Why choose me

Trainer Maxim on the Olympic rings.

But really, why choose me

Because I believe in you. I know that you can and you will become strong and flexible like a gymnast.

I know that you might have no experience with Gymnastics or any other sports what so ever. I know that you might have some injuries or lower back complications. I know that you might no longe be fifteen years old. But I also know that you have a beautiful mind and, because you are still reading it, a desire to change. And that desire is enough for me to help you achieve whatever you want from your body. Because everything else we can fix. 

Besides, there are more advantages of training with me. Since my approach is based on body-weight exercises  you don't need to be at a gym or have a lot of equipment. If you have a yoga mat and enough space in your house to lay down on the floor then we have everything we need to train.  You can also be anywhere and train with me online via FaceTime or Skype. It is as effective as in-person training with me coming to our house or you coming to my private studio.

Speaking of which, if you still want to have in-person personal training in Dartmouth or Halifax, you can always come to my private fitness studio where I have extra equipment to deliver the best results. However, from the last five yars of training people online, I can say that the best results can be equally delivered with online personal training. You decide what method works best for you.

To help you choose between in-person or online personal training  I encourage you to try a free session. Shall you get more curious after the first free session, and you will, I also offer a special "welcome package" deal for the new clients only to allow you even more time to see the full extent of the benefits of training with me  without paying much for it. You can look it up in the price section of my website.

"Worth every penny!"

"I came to learn new skills I also ended up fixing a lot of bad habits that caused me having lower back pain. His knowledge and experience go far beyond the average gym trainer, and he really cares about your progress. Worths every penny!"


Hod Winter

Vancovuer, Canada

"Absolutely incredible trainer!"

"I had been in and out of physical therapy for over a decade, trying everything and anything to improve my back pain and sciatica. A month and half of work with him has dramatically improved my quality of life. The best investments in my health!"

Sam Archibald

Dartmouth, Canada

"10/10 recommended"

"I have been dealing with a frozen shoulder and moderate lower left back pain. In the 7 weeks we’ve been working together I can now do things with my shoulder I haven’t been able to do in 5 months and my back also feels 80% better!"

Angelica Yang

Vancouver, Canada

"110% recommend"

"Maxim is incredible, his knowledge and passion evident and offers a very tailored and unique approach. I've had many personal trainers and Maxim is one of a kind, 1st class and the best. 110% recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their movement, flexibility and overall quality of life! We're lucky to have him in Nova Scotia :)"

Tara Scanlan

Dartmouth, Canada

"Very passionate about his work"

"If you have an issue with back pain, recovery after a broken bone (my case), lose weight or became more athletic - Maxim is the right one for you."


Leonid Ropaev,

Moscow, Russia

"Just the best coach"

"Thanks to Max, I have discovered strengths I didn't know I had and achieved goals I never even dreamed of. His ability to understand my needs and objectives allows him to create individual training programs that perfectly cater to my requirements."

Efim Stroganov 

Millan, Italy

Here is what you will get better at

We study the proper biomechanics of joints, practise their correct movements, and learn to move and bend freely.


We increase shoulder mobility and enhance hip flexibility while relieving tension in the lower back, eliminating morning stifness.


We improve core strength, upper-and lower body strength, and focuson on functional strength essential for improved performance.


From mastering the yoga frog stand to conquering gymnastics handstand, never lose your footing again.


We enhance the ability to move joints with perfect synergy, enabling precise body control in every movement.


Trainer Maxim teaching a gymnastic workshopw.




Learn gymnastics sklills

Master handstands, press to handstand, handstand walks, one-arm handstands, pull-ups, musle-ups, planches, and other exhilarating skills. 

Rehab and recovery

Before improvement, comes restoration. Engage in exercises targeting lower back pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, tendonitis, stiff shoulders, and neck issues. Master correct movement for a pain-free life. 

Trainer Maxim teaching a handstand class with four students holding handstand against the wall.


The first feet from the right in the picture. She came to me with a frozen shoulder not being able to lift the left arm high.  A surgery was scheduled for her . We worked together for about 7 months. The shoulder got so much better that we were training handstands. She canceled the surgery and has progressed even more since then. Thank you, Gabi, for your trust.

Are you a gym owner?

In addition, I conduct educational seminars and workshops for fitness professionals covering topics like gymnastics conditioning, flexibility and mobility, gymnastics skill preparation, handstands, and more. I'm dedicated to expanding your trainers' scope of knowledge.

Trainer Maxim posing in front of the camera next to the olympic steel rings.

To summarize 

Fully insured and certified 

A decade plus of experience

Unique gymnastics based training

Train online anywhere 

No equipment needed

Train in-person at a private studio

Free trial

Low cost welcome package

Try a free session! It will cost nothing, but might change everything!

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