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  My name is Maxim. I am a personal trainer who grew up in Russia and moved to Canada at the age of 32. I did Gymnastics as a kid but quit it for competitive powerlifting at the age of 17. Five years later, I switched to bodybuilding.


  At 25, I found myself utterly frustrated with my physique — nothing left from my gymnastics skills, strength, and flexibility. I was like an old tree, tight and immobile, though massive and strong. Commonly, I developed lower back problems from years of heavy lifting.


  That was when I realized that I would rather be smaller, but able to move and bend freely, like a young tree. I turned back to Gymnastics. It was one of the best decisions in my life (another one was adopting a street cat I met on a cold December street in my hometown ten years ago, now she is happy in Canada). 


  It is 2020, I am 38, I have gotten my gymnastics skills, strength, stamina, flexibility, mobility, coordination, and balance back. I can do interesting - one might say impressive - things with my body and my lower back problems are gone. I feel confident, strong, and agile.  


 "This coach is a national treasure! He is professional and training with him is fun!..."

 - Lucyna Kiszczak 

"I've gotten so much stronger after 4 sessions…"

 - Kelly Shualik

“He has the right balance between being supportive and pushing you…“

 - Darren Dickey

I look forward to every single training session because Gymnastics is fun. 

  Most importantly, I have come up with a training approach - I call FITMAXTICS - to help you achieve the same, because if I could do this, so can you. FITMAXTICS is an adaptation of Gymnastics Strength Training for people of any age, experience, and fitness. It is challenging but extremely effective and a lot of fun. 

  Looking back at my 12+ years of coaching and 25+ years in the sport, I can say in full confidence: It is what you can do with your body defines how you feel and look. Not the other way around. That is why I  use my gymnastics background to unleash your body’s full potential. I want to give you freedom of movement, the joy of a great look and superb self-esteem coming from physical skills rarely seen amongst others. Honestly, it works. 

  Please don't take my words for it and check a hundred of my five star Google reviews. The fact is - many people I trained have greatly benefited from my training approach. 

It is your turn now! 

Let YOUR NEW SELF begin!



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