Affordable Personal Training Rates in Halifax, Dartmouth and Vancouver 

I have a solution for every budget. Almost for every.


$100 50

$450 225

$800 400

A single 60 / 30 min session.

Pay as we train. 

A package of five sessions. No expiration period.

A package of ten sessions. Most affordable rate.

"He misses nothing and watches you like a hawk with precise instructions how to perform his workouts. Highly recommend Maxim."

Gabriele Brencher

Vancouver personal training client

"I’v been fortunate enough to train and learn from Maxim , he’s understanding of functional anatomy is exceptional. I work in active rehab and have worked with some great therapists/trainers. His combination of performance and therapy is some of the best ! Highly recommended."

Shawni Shonan

Vancouver personal training client


In-person and online


In-person and online


online only


Free online

Flexible payment options

Flexible schedule 

Freeze the sessions 

Still not sure?

Further down in my text I am going to use A LOT of “personal training in Halifax, Dartmouth and Vancouver” and the likes. Because Mr. Google likes it immensely. My apologies.

Personal training is, well, very personal. It is important that you like your personal trainer in Halifax, Dartmouth and Vancouver (I warned you) not only as a professional but also as a person. For that reason I will be happy to do an introductory session with you before we begin your fitness journey. 

If you have decided to continue with me, then I encourage you to consider one of my personal training packages. The packages don’t have an expiration period and can be used at the pace you want. Generally, I recommend that we train once or twice per week. As an extra bonus, you can give any amount of your personal training sessions to one of your family members, friends, or anybody else. It could be a nice present. Imagine your friend’s excitement about having a session with a ruthless Russian personal trainer who wants to break them. Right? 

I understand you guys don’t live in the gym breathing by training and dreaming about better handstands, like me. You are busy and have other things going on in your lives, so I was told. Therefore I am trying to be as accommodating to your schedule as I possibly can. Even if you have bought a personal training package we can schedule each session as we go.

If for any reason you need to take a break from our training, please, take your time, I will not send my associates Igor and Sergey after you to get you back. No pressure. I will be ready whenever you are.

I have multiple locations to conduct my personal training in Halifax and Dartmouth. Besides, I can always travel to your location if you have a gym or just a space to train since my kind of personal training doesn’t require almost any fitness equipment. 

When you train with me, I give you little homework to do. Typically it is correctional exercises and gymnastics conditioning drills so that during our personal training sessions we can pay attention to more fun things. If at any point you doubt whether you do them correctly on your own or not, or if you have any other fitness-related questions, I would encourage you to send me an email or a short video of your performing an exercise. I will be more than happy to advise. Anytime except for the nighttime.

Food. Of course, we all like to eat. Who doesn’t ?! And drink. I will not make you starve to death to get you lean. It works only for movie stars and KGB interrogators. However, I will tell you how to eat wisely to achieve your fitness goals more effectively. There will even be cheat days with pizza and cookies involved.

Nowadays, the most popular training option is live-video personal training sessions when you can be wherever, even in a different country, and we still can get a good training session over the video-phone call. It is convenient, practical, and safe. Besides, it gives you no excuses to skip, like “oh I am traveling”, so what, we still can do it in your hotel room! I know that most of you would say “I prefer a one-on-one personal trainer, it works better for me” and you will not be the first. But please, let me give you a complimentary online training session so that you could see for yourself that it is equally effective and fun.

Shall you decide to discontinue training with me at any time (never happened before) I will refund all the remaining sessions no questions asked and no grudge to be held. Promise.

No worries, I can wait, I am patient. As the ancient saying goes “All roads lead to Trainer Maxim - Personal Trainer in Halifax, Dartmouth and Vancovuer". I warned you at the beginning. 

Any location

Online training support 

Dietary guidance 

Live video personal training 

Full refund