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Am I too old for this training?

Gymnastics, really, has no age limit. Its main goal is to rid one from tightness, discomfort, and pain in order to move and bend freely. It can be as easy or hard as we make it. In the beginning, first and foremost, we improve the body's overall strength, flexibility, stamina, mobility, coordination, and balance using simple bodyweight exercises. We also address any existing injuries and muscle imbalances. As your progress and confidence grow we gradually increase the workload and complexity of the training.

What kind of training is it?

- Overall fitness. Fine balance of general and specific strength training, mobility and flexibility training, and gymnastics skills training. We will gradually address existing injures and muscle imbalances. Improve strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance, and stamina. Learn simple and intermediate gymnastic skills such as handstands or l-sits. We can take it as far as you wish and learn the one arm handstand or iron cross on the rings skills.


- Mobility and flexibility. The main focus is on addressing existing injuries and muscle imbalances, improving mobility and flexibility, making the lower back, core, and posture healthier and stronger.


- Gymnastics skills. We learn handstands, press to handstands, one arm handstands, iron cross on the rings, and more other skills you might want to learn.


At any point in our training, we can switch to what matters more to you. I will also provide general nutritional guidance and will be available via text during off training time to answer any questions you might have about your fitness regimen and homework.

Where do we train? 

- Live video training on the phone via FaceTime, Skype, Whatsup, Facebook, or Instagram.

- Your place in Vancouver, BC.


Because we need almost no equipment and only a little space, any of those options are equally effective. Most of my students choose live-video sessions because it is convenient and they can train from anywhere in the world.

What are live-video sessions? 

You train in the comfort of your house, with my guidance and demonstrations provided on a live video call. As we need almost no equipment and only a little space, this option has a few significant advantages:


- train from anywhere in the world 

- train with friends and family

- more scheduling flexibility

- public interaction-free

- save travel time 

- hygiene secure 


Videophone calls can be conducted using FaceTime, Whatsup, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, or anything else you might prefer.

What are your core values? 

- Pain-free life, without muscle tightness, imbalances, or weaknesses.

- Healthy and happy lower back, shoulders, and hips.

- Freedom and strength of any movements.

- Impressive physique and good look.

- Superb confidence.

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