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You do not need a trainer.

Before you read this, I want you to answer one question: do you want to lose weight and look better, or do you want to become healthier? Correct, it is not the same.

If you go with the first answer - to lose weight and look better - then you do not need a personal trainer. Everything you need to do is to decrease whatever you eat by 20-30% and hit a treadmill twice or three times per week, 20-40 minutes at a time. Guarantied, you will lose weight, look a bit better, and save money on a trainer. 

However, if you want to become healthier - which, btw, includes losing weight and look better in addition to many other things - then you do need an assistance of a professional trainer. Because to become and stay healthier, you need to:

- Address your current injuries and structural misalignments. Adjust the way the Central Nervous System activates the muscles to move your bones. The first is often is the consequence of the second. We need to work on both of them.

- Improve strength, flexibility, and stamina of different muscles for various movements you use in your sport and everyday activity. We need to make sure that no matter in which position you place your body and use your muscles, you always exploit the maximum efficiency in a way that does not hurt the body.

- Improve coordination, balance, and mobility of your joints, to expand the number of movements and strength elements you can perform with relative ease and proper mechanics. It will make your performance more efficient, effective, and keep you away for injuries.

- Improve the quality of your diet to make sure you get the right nutrients in the right quantity according to your current health conditions, sport, and everyday activity. Not all proteins are good, and not all fats are bad for you. Every body is unique and requires a fine personal dietary tuning.

- Learn the basics of how the body works, gets better or worse, and recovers. It takes two to tango. The personal trainer will make you healthier, but it is your responsibility to take care of yourself to stay that way as long as possible. Without adequate knowledge, you will not be able to do so in the absence of your trainer.

- Train with a verity of complex - not necessarily hard - exercises, which would require to put your strength, stamina, flexibility, mobility, coordination, and balance in use at once. Keep changing those exercises, because the body functionality is tremendous. Your body is capable of implementing hundreds of highly sophisticated movements (you watched Gymnastics World competition, right? ) and simple biceps curls, triceps pushes, or bench presses do not cover even 1% of all the functionality. And, I am sure you have heard the expression: “You don’t use it - you ….. ”, correct, LOSE IT. We need to train smart, not hard.

Who, if not a gymnast, knows all these things? In Gymnastics, we do put our bodies in a test, many of them. Often, way too often, we learn the price of mistakes we make in a hard way. And we pay that price. And we learn from it, we heal, we keep going, but keep going being smarter and stronger. That is what brings you success. 

My offer for you is the shortcut to some degree of a gymnast’s body shape. Stronger, flexible, well-coordinated, and injury-free body. Oh, I forgot to mention a nice look of that gymnastics body, coz you know that some gymnasts do look great…only some. -)

If everything I wrote above still does not make sense to you - you do not need a trainer. Those who see a lot of sense in my point - please contact me - I will be happy to share and assist you with your fitness.

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