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Weight loss is just the beginning

Good day, my friends and thank you for reading my article. This time I want to talk about the weight loss concept which dominates the contemporary fitness industry.

Without questions, it is very important to keep or take your weight under control. Extra weight puts you at the greater risk of developing many health complications.

There are quite a few ways to calculate your optimal body weight, yet I like this one: your hight (cm) - 100 (for men) and 110 (for women). Let’s say your height is 180cm therefore the optimal weight would be 84kg for male and 74kg for female. Whereas it is not the gold standard and might slightly vary from a person to a person, but if you are anywhere around this it will be good.

A typical weight loss training program would consist of cardio exercises, weight lifting, and a diet. In general, all movements performed during such a workout are well familiar and challenge the body in terms of volume and repetitions.

If you are consistent with the weight loss training and patient you achieve a significant result. However, it is not the end of the “get fit” journey. If you leave the body with less weight but the same strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, and balance you might just scale down the challenge, which is good but not great.

Besides losing weight, it is crucial to improve strength and flexibility of individual muscle groups such as the hip flexors, hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, chest, wrists etc. Improved strength and flexibility will lead to the better coordination which is the ability to control the body parts while performing complex movements. Furthermore, coordination will give you a better balance so that when you perform complex movements the body stays stable.

All these will allow you to learn new movements and elements dramatically expanding the body’s functionality to keep as many muscles engaged as possible. Thereby you will maintain the health of the joints and connective tissue and also keep the metabolism high making it more difficult for the body to gain extra weight. In combination with a balanced diet and moderate amount of cardio exercises your fitness level will stay well above average and allow you to enjoy life longer in many different ways.

My point here is that weight loss is just a beginning and should be accompanied by improved strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination, and balance. Good luck everyone and stay fit!

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