Gymnastics Based Personal Training

Here is how you will get gymnast fit.

Being active does not necessarily mean that your body is benefiting from it. As years go by we subject ourselves to repetitive movements in our sport or daily routine. The more often we do them the stronger habits of moving in certain ways we develop. And often those habits have mechanical demerits which if left unaddressed might lead to an excessive wear-and-tear damage to the joints, connective tissue, or muscles. 
You know how it happens. You are enjoying a nice day in your garden, you bend over to pick something up off the ground and the lower back goes on fire. Don’t blame the bending-over. Any injuries of this kind are almost always an accumulative effect of how you had been using the spine for sitting, walking, running, playing sports, etc prior the injury. The bending-over was just the final straw that literally broke your back. 
Of course, you will recover with help of physiotherapy, chiropractors, stretching, exercises, meds, rest, and so on. However, once you are back on your “old track” your lower back will hurt again since you haven’t changed the way you use it. And for the same reason, the recovery period itself might take months or years or you will have to just live with that.
Therefore, to fix your body and prevent any further complications I will teach you the biomechanically sound way of using your muscles and joints. The way that will stop an excessive overuse of the joints and muscles and lay a good foundation for moving and bending freely. Just as we do in Gymnastics.  

"Awesome trainer. I have worked in the fitness industry and I can tell you how high quality Maxim is. It is rare to see trainers this knowledgable in Vancouver. If you are looking for someone with tons of experience and knowledge who can help you get real results and won't just stare at their phone while you run on a treadmill see Maxim."

Thomas Walker

Vancouver personal training client


Once we have dealt with pain and discomfort by introducing a good biomechanics to the body we will reinforce those new patterns using Gymnastics drills, conditioning exercises and stretching protocols. At this stage our main goal is to teach the body how, under the stress, to position the joints in the most mechanically advantageous way so that the workload is redistributed among dozens of muscles and causes minimum stress on the connective tissueThereby we make any movements of yours safe, strong, and consistent without much thinking. Like the movements of a gymnast.


"Maxim is a fabulous personal trainer! He is patient, persistent and a thorough professional in every aspect of the step by step way he guides you to greater and greater levels of fitness! I have been working with Max for almost two years and have had remarkable success in reaching and exceeding my goals! I highly recommend him to anyone serious about achieving their goals."

Shafik Keshavjee

Vancouver personal training client

When you can confidently and safely deal with complex movements under the stress, I want you to learn as many simple or not gymnastics based skills as you possibly can. And you can a lot. Handstands, press to handstands, l-sits, v-sits, iron-crosses are all within your reach regardless of your age. How far we go is limited only by your character, determination, and goals. It is a great way to expand your body’s functionality to make it truly impressive. And an impressive functionality always results in an impressive body. Whereas the opposite is not true. This is how I do personal training. This is how I accomplish my main goal of training you - a pain-free life, freedom of movements, and an impressive body. Let me get you gymnast fit!