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First and foremost we need to get rid of pain and discomfort, which often have symptoms and roots. Whereas addressing the symptoms and finding the roots is important it is not sufficient to make the pain go away once and for all. It will be back unless we analyze and change the "soil" in which the roots have been flourishing producing the symptoms.


The way the muscles are used to produce movements depends on how we perceive them. Often it might be incompatible with the spine, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, and connective tissue health. Given enough time incorrect movement perception and consequent muscle use will damage the joints and connective tissue. Thus, how you think of movements and activate the muscles are the "soil" we need to work with to stop and prevent any musculoskeletal pain.


If you do not have any pain or discomfort we still review the "soil" to improve your performance  (walking, running, biking, horse riding, etc.) and avoid any potential damage. 

We build specific strength, power, stamina, flexibility, mobility, coordination, and balance using the Russian gymnastics method of physical preparation. The main focus is given to training movements and not isolated muscles unless absolutely necessary.  


Specific strength is the ability to perform mid-complexity movements, some of which might require just the mild coordinated engagement of the different muscles, whereas the others might require a mix engagement (from mild to high) of the muscles not only in a coordinated but also synchronized way.


Specific strength in combination with the ability to produce complex movements fast (power), for a long period (stamina), with a good range of motion (flexibility of the muscles and mobility of the joints), with great technique (coordination), and grace (balance) makes you gymnast fit.

We learn bodyweight strength skills which are combinations of complex movements. They require the dynamically coordinated and well-synchronized engagement of dozens or even hundreds of different muscles at once. l-sits, v-sits, handstands, press to handstands are some of those skills. How far we go is limited only by your desire and goals.


Of course, our training is a mix of these three steps with a heavy focus on steps one and two because my main goal is to give you pain-free life and freedom of movements. Give it a try, book your first live-video session now!

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