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"An awesome & fantastic workshop. Maxim is very knowledgeable and his delivery of information is fun... I achieved a handstand for the first time since adulthood... definitely recommend you attend one of workshops if this is a personal goal."

Penelope Burton 

Handstand workshop participant

With a former Russian gymnast and personal trainer. - Personal trainer Vancouver BC

Learn Handstands and other Gymnastics Skills in Halifax, Dartmouth and Vancouver. 

Handstand classes

The handstands classes are designed for people of all levels and ages. We learn handstands starting with the theory on the handstand technique, continuing with handstand drills, and doing handstand itself. - Personal trainer Vancouver BC - Personal trainer Vancouver BC



"Do what you can't , learn what you don't know. This is the only way to improvements."

- my life and training maxim


Gymnastics Flexibility

To improve flexibility and become flexible like a gymnast you need to learn the correct stretching technique. Without the correct stretching form progress can take years, whereas with the good stretching form you can see significant improvements in months.

Gymnastics Conditioning

These gymnastics like bootcamps designed to improve your fitness with the best gymnastics drills aiming the overall body development such as strength, power, stamina, flexibility, mobility, coordination and balance. It is a tough but fun form of fitness classes.

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I have no experience 

I design all my gymnastics classes mostly for people with little or no prior experience. My main goal is to show you a different way to move your body. The way that will allow you to perform more complex movements with much less effort. It is done through learning the biomechanics of your body and choosing only its optimal solutions for skills such as handstands and the likes.

Am I too old?

The age certainly puts some limitations on what we can do, mostly due to prior injuries or ongoing health complications. But rather than that, anybody of any age is capable of performing complex movements. The oldest living gymnast I am aware of is Johanna Quaas, born November 20, 1925. She is currently 96 years old. So no, you are not too old. 

I have injuries 

Injuries can certainly limit what we can do with the body. The main concern is ongoing acute injuries that cause pain even at rest. With those, we shall not exercise, seek medical attention, and rest. If your injuries occurred in the distant past (a year or two ago) and cause you no pain unless you move in a certain way then we can try. I always modify the drills individually during my classes to make sure that everyone is safe. 

Is it too intense?

Typically my classes are designed to learn new mechanics of the body’s movements. And the drills are performed to reinforce the new patterns and make them automated. For that reason, I pay less attention to the intensity piece of the class and more to the learning part.

* Attention! Before joining handstands or other gymnastics skills classes make sure to consult your physician. The classes are not recommended for people with any ongoing shoulder/lower back/ hip injuries or medical conditions in aggravated state. If it is the case with you I will be happy to address those issues during our private personal training sessions.